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Jeanner Rohrer flowers park

Since the Entertainment Industry…

ebbs and flows like the tides and switches directions back and forth like the wind, Jeanne Rohrer has a life as a civilian employee as well.  Consider hiring her.   Having Jeanne Rohrer onboard your civilian business adds a very, very special value few employees can provide.   Bring in Jeanne for a meet-n-greet and you will find that as an employee it is in Jeanne’s nature to help your business succeed, Jeanne is an advocate for your company,  and Jeanne naturally rolls out the red carpet for your clientele.  Do you need a model employee for your company?  You’re in luck, you’ve found Jeanne Rohrer.

Send Jeanne an e-mail:  rohrerjeanne@hotmail.com

3/2016 to Present:  Events & Meeting Planner, University of Phoenix.

10/2015-2/2016:  Public Relations Specialist, UHaul International.


Website of Jeanne Rohrer: Award-winning Journalist. News Anchor/Reporter. Weather Anchor/Reporter. CoreFlex Fitness Professional. Emcee.

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