Fun with Clouds

There are many types of clouds.  I hope this guide is found to be fun as it helps the Beginner or Student to identify different types of clouds & their associated characteristics.  For more information, roll your mouse over the images/click on the images.

Cloud Identification

Some clouds and cauliflower have something in common.    The tops of cauliflower are puffy:

The tops of ‘Cumulus‘ clouds are puffy-similar to the tops of cauliflower:

That’s your first lesson of cloud identification!  Good job!  ~Jeanne

Mare’s Tailsare a type of cloud that are wispy:

They curl as if a Painter made a sweep with a brush.  They are the only cloud which curls like a lock of hair.  “CIrrus” is Latin for”ringlet” or “curling lock of hair”.  “Cirrus uncinus” is the proper term.


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